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Borovets Ski Center Resort

Ski Resorts and Centers in Bulgaria - Borovets Ski Center Resort

Borovets is the oldest and largest resort in Bulgaria. Located at 1350 m above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila in a majestic pine forest. Borovets is located at the foot of the highest peak in the Balkans Moussala (2925 m). Easily accessible from all over the country and only 73 km from Sofia and 126 km from Plovdiv. Borovets provides excellent opportunities for holidays throughout the year.

Founded in the late 19th century as a hunting area for the Bulgarian tzars. Borovets is evolving into a modern ski resort of high class and luxury hotels with restaurants and various forms of entertainment and leisure time occupation, with an excellent network of ski runs and lift facilities along the slopes of Rila. By 1942 the resort was named Chamkoria.

Borovets is the Alpine resort which offers great opportunities for the whole range of winter sports - skiing, snowboarding, biathlon. Today Borovets is the biggest Bulgarian ski center in length and plants. Located on the northern slopes of Musalenskiya the eastern ridges of the mountains of Rila. Among the old pine woods, Borovets is the perfect place for winter sports holidays.

During the warmer months Borovets offer excellent conditions for rest and quiet among the ancient pine forests, meadows filled with flowers and herbs, many lakes and snowy peaks. For nature lovers the area is the starting point of many routes in the mountains of Rila. The climate in the region is temperate with mild winters with deep snow. Borovets is a desirable place for recreation and sports ground of a healthy climate and mild winters. The average temperature in January - the coldest month - is about 4,8 ° C. The period usually continues skiing from mid December to April.

The resort offers perfect conditions for winter sports: Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. Moreover, the high parts of Rila - the main ski Markudzhik the period of snow, snow reaches two meters - great for extreme driving. Amazing opportunities for practice in winter sports. Borovets has twice hosted World Cup Alpine Skiing. This is a corridor for Biathlon, which is one of the best in the world. A well developed network of lift that can accommodate up to 15 400 visitors per hour and provide access to all routes.

The restaurants of Borovets, bars and clubs stay open at night, especially in the ski season, entertaining locals and visitors alike with good food, wine, music and folk dancing. Most stay open until the early morning hours, offering good prices and special prices on some specific times of day. The music you hear is the international dance music. Very often show the club. Available restaurants and taverns with Bulgarian folk music and horo dancing.


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